Transforming Your Cabin with Rugs

A cabin or lodge style home by itself is already something truly beautiful. Whether you have a full-fledged cabin made entirely of logs, or a hybrid style lodge home, it’s truly something special.

Of all the possibilities in log cabin interior design, with all of the possible pieces you can add to your cabin, nothing else transforms the environment as a beautiful rug.

Choosing the right rug can instantly transform the atmosphere of your cabin or lodge home. Rugs are often the easiest and quickest way to transform your lodge or cabin.

Southwestern Style Home

Deciding to decorate your home or cabin with a cabin-inspired rug is usually one of the first things our design partners at encourage new cabin and lodge owners to do.

Usually, it’s the first thing that will brighten and give the rustic flair feel so many cabin owners seek to achieve by owning a lodge-style home.

Of course, every cabin is uniquely made, and the final design say ultimately lands in the owner’s personal preference. Luckily for cabin owners, there are many popular design trends to choose from. 

Wildlife-Style Home

When shopping and exploring for a rug for your cabin Thalia Torres, chief designer & manager at, usually recommends three distinct styles most cabin and lodge owners tend to gravitate towards.

The rug design trends are:

These three choices make it easy to narrow the many different rug styles that one can choose from. Depending on where you live, you can adapt your cabin to these styles.

Thalia says, “We have clients from Wyoming, that really love to decorate their cabins in an almost cowboy/western style with their decor, and of course rugs”. So, of course, depending on where you live, that may be one of the chief ways you decide on what kind of rug suits your cabin. 

Cowboy-Style Home

Being thoughtful about the decor is always a good first rule of thumb. Worrying about cluttering your lodge or cabin with wildlife pieces or spending your entire budget on other fixtures can sometimes not give your cabin the appeal you’re going for.

By picking the perfect rug, you can use this piece of furniture to anchor everything else in your cabin. Picking a Southwestern rug can help you add other Native American inspired elements to your cabin.

So remember, pick your pieces wisely. It’s the beginning of an exciting adventure of making the cabin feel cozy, comfortable, and like home. 

In conclusion, making your cabin your own is ultimately down to the owner’s tastes and inspiration. One thing we recommend many clients do is take a trip out West or rent a cabin in the nearest mountains.

Immerse yourself in that environment and naturally you’ll start to cultivate a cabin that fits for you and feels like home. The whole point of building your cabin and choosing the right rugs is to transport you to a different place.

It can allow you to feel like John Dutton of the Yellowstone show or Davy Crockett of the Tennessee Hills. It’s part of our passion to help our clients choose the rights rugs for each and every taste. At the end of the day, we always say “Keep it Cozy”.

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